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4/10/2017 3:31 pm  #16

Re: Old BRR

Haha yeah. I forgot where Brandon and Sam pulled that one from. 


4/17/2017 8:57 am  #17

Re: Old BRR

some where dank and terrible i suppose... I say we start a petition to get back the other design, or at least color scheme. 


4/18/2017 9:03 pm  #18

Re: Old BRR

If only we had the time to figure out Boardhost.



4/19/2017 8:33 am  #19

Re: Old BRR

didnt we have some web designers that hung out here? we need to coax them back and have them work it up. 


8/29/2019 7:32 pm  #20

Re: Old BRR

thats does really suck. I went back to visit my sister-inlaw who lives in the area and went down by the old unit and was   to the point of   when I saw it..


8/29/2019 11:25 pm  #21

Re: Old BRR

As odd as it may seem, I thought the old modules we more serious and deep.
Right now, Egoboo feels... lackluster and choppy.

I think all of these new menus have something to do with it. The most notable thing that comes to mind right now is the Negatori font. Somehow it just doesnt feel right to me, personally. Maybe we could experiment with some others?


9/12/2019 11:49 pm  #22

Re: Old BRR

I agree. Just curious, has there been any recent discussions about lowering the contrast on the site? My screen is, of course, already so dim I can hardly see anything. But the orange tones of this site...the white text accents. It’s toooo loud. Please. shit!


8/25/2020 2:17 am  #23

Re: Old BRR

yes they were cliffs old heads.  he took them to rpm before i bought them.  so w/o ruffling feathers i dont know what happened.  i didnt run the car myself but maybe 10 minutes.  it does suck for the dude that bought it but i am glad i didnt keep it now.  but i told the dude, i didnt know what was wrong with it, so i didnt lie to him.


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