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7/18/2016 5:36 pm  #1

Harvest Moon Listening Room

My buddy Choctaw Hall started this incredible new listening room out in Prairieville if any of you dudes are interested. I know a lot of folks that live out that way. He's got it set up pretty dang nice and has had a slew of good little sets rolling. Check it out and give them a "like" when you get a sec:



8/09/2016 9:15 pm  #2

Re: Harvest Moon Listening Room

Good to have a venue like that out in Pville....since a lot of the old schoolers have moved out that way over the years. Not me, however.


11/20/2020 2:27 am  #3

Re: Harvest Moon Listening Room

With the surge in country rock & CHR formats Which arent that good,do you think the 18-34 crowd is listening to 70s-80s formats more now?

Your thoughts & observations


12/10/2020 9:09 am  #4

Re: Harvest Moon Listening Room

Lets try this. What is the newest horrorcore rapper/group that you started listening to? When did they release their first project?


3/05/2021 9:57 am  #5

Re: Harvest Moon Listening Room

This thread was done all wrong. The title is supposed to be, What are you currently listening to?

That way one can list both the artist and the song title.

You  Are = Youre


5/12/2021 9:39 am  #6

Re: Harvest Moon Listening Room

Well...I figured since the original thread ultimately had to be closed...This was as good a time as any to start a new one...Someone else would have done it, if I hadnt...So, here it is...What ARE you listening to, right now?

I am currently listening to...

Stabbing Westward..."What Do I Have To Do"


5/21/2021 8:14 am  #7

Re: Harvest Moon Listening Room

lol Thanks...Well, Arioch suggested them and I downloaded that and "The Thing I Hate" by Stabbing Westward. I like both, but I recognize "Shame", since it used to be very popular.

Right now though, Im listening to:



7/03/2021 1:20 pm  #8

Re: Harvest Moon Listening Room

Im afraid not. You might want to give our Replay Media Catcher a try and see if it meets your needs for this-it can do this depending on the stream.

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7/07/2021 7:23 pm  #9

Re: Harvest Moon Listening Room

For the second time today, Ive closed a previous thread due to it being over 1000 posts, and I am proudly opening the all new "What are you listening to now?" thread

Today, I have mostly been listening to Porcupine Trees latest live album, Atlanta.

Ant x


9/13/2021 4:59 am  #10

Re: Harvest Moon Listening Room

One minute silence - Roof of the world

I find that "mtss mtss" works much better than "unce unce"  although we did know what you meant


9/13/2021 7:49 am  #11

Re: Harvest Moon Listening Room

The Mars Volta -  Inertiatic ESP  i didnt like this song when i first heard it a while ago, but it really grew on me.  His voice amazes me.

McLusky - To hell with good intentions


10/14/2021 10:29 am  #12

Re: Harvest Moon Listening Room

Since I honestly could not find the currently listening to topic anywhere, I decided to make one. <w< Dont we all want to know what the rest of us are listening to?   Ill start off.

Blitzkrieg by Deathstars


11/01/2021 5:29 am  #13

Re: Harvest Moon Listening Room

While Neil Young is an artist I like I dont like the Acousticy stuff he does. Also he named the wrong sex pistol, altough more likely due the rhyming issues.


11/02/2021 10:43 am  #14

Re: Harvest Moon Listening Room

Hey guys Ive been a lover of music ever since Ive found out about this so cool fireplace sound system that Ive been now listening too for a while. Always been amazed how music and science mix


11/02/2021 4:40 pm  #15

Re: Harvest Moon Listening Room

we need a "general" general forum, not just this general forum. Our TV, films, music threads will get lost amongst the SL forum chatter about the game itself.


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