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2/21/2022 6:56 pm  #16

Re: Upward, Not Northward

Ive heard all the arguments and still think the only reason people prefer the sound of LPs is because of the muted HF. I can always unplug a UHF driver and accomplish the same thing.


2/23/2022 12:12 am  #17

Re: Upward, Not Northward

I love the concept of being able to map across the setting from an older version to the newer version, great idea.I wish I could get my folder setting to match RM6, so much so Ive gone back to RM6 as I like the way I have my settings placing my MP3s with just the title T in the file name output folder.


2/23/2022 2:14 am  #18

Re: Upward, Not Northward

She sure does sexy
lovely feet soles in yellow socks
Mmm prettt face chews asian beaver kaylani

Batman and poison ivy kiss


2/25/2022 8:09 am  #19

Re: Upward, Not Northward

As of now, I record through a BOSS 1180 Digital 10 track recorder.

It has an internal CD-R/RW drive so I can burn my songs from there.

It also has an internal Drum machine which I hate with a passion, because

after about 10 songs, I have to start re-using the beats. It comes
pre-programmed with different rhythm tracks, and there are only so many that are useable. If you listen closely to my songs, you will more than likely hear the same drum track on two different songs. It erks me to no end, but
the biggest problem with the drum machine is that it is near impossible to edit the rhythm tracks. I always end up with screw ups. One crash comes in late, the BPM changes at the wrong place, the snare sounds like shit, all these things make my drum machine a pain.

I have not bought anything new, but I am planning on it. I intend to invest in a new computer. I was looking at everything from Dell to Alien Ware. I plan on moving my recording to the computer, and selling that machine. I have done alot of searches, and AlienWare looks like it will suit my digital creaiton needs perfectly.

I am searching high and low for the new Parker guitars. I HAVE to try out that new glass carbon fretboard. Sadly, my music store does not carry any.  You might want to check your store aswell, as I hear they are the easiet guitars to play, ugly as sin though.

Funny you should mention it, I am in the market for a Digitech product.
I am now trying to add an original Whammy Pedal to my collection. It has been said the the reissue is shit, something about the wiring or something, I dont really know. 

Ill go back and look for the pics of the recorder and amp and what not...


2/27/2022 1:40 am  #20

Re: Upward, Not Northward


One odd thing I cant explain is that for every track I have recorded using the new RM7 where RM7 doesnt recognize the song, it tags it as Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Ive rebooted and done multiple recording sessions and Im still seeing this. Any way to make this stop?



3/01/2022 1:00 am  #21

Re: Upward, Not Northward

OK this is driving me crazy
I am recoding a "lick" from a web page.
I see that it is indeed recording. When i stop it. nothing happens. the track does not appear in the main menu.
The track however has recorded and if I go to the place where they are stored its there.
How come the recorded track is not appearing when I hit stop. BTW it is just some harmonica music and I dont need or want any recognizing. Is there maybe a minimum recording time?


3/03/2022 5:34 am  #22

Re: Upward, Not Northward

Id say it doesnt.  More often than not, the more I learn about an artist, the less enthralled with them I become.  Im not going to be friends with them, so what matters most is how their work impacts me and what I take from it.  Their opinion or intention of it is borderline irrelevant.


3/04/2022 5:30 am  #23

Re: Upward, Not Northward

Im not sure exactly how it works, but you push it in, then it gives a fuller sound i guess.  Put it on the neck pickup, turn the bass and treble down, turn the mid up, and it sounds really good for jazz.  Dont forget to turn the tone down on the guitar.


3/10/2022 10:32 pm  #24

Re: Upward, Not Northward

Yes, I have the BR-1180CD.

When I got it about 2 years ago, it cost alittle 1,000.

It really is a great recorder, I just feel I have started to out grow it. I now

crave something with a higher recording bit rate.

Also with a growing intrest in eletronica and trance/techno I will need a

computer and a few CakeWalk programs to get be going.

Yes, most Digitech products suck, especially compared to BOSS, but the Whammy Pedal is their clame to fame. Its space-age sounds and octave skipping is something I am dying to play with. Satriani uses it alot, and I obbsessed wiht him, so it makes sence.

Does your friend own the Parker Fly?  I know they have some lesser models out, but the Fly is so cool sounding. Too bad the price is well above 2,000. I need to check Musicians Friend to rememeber the specs exactly.


3/12/2022 7:51 pm  #25

Re: Upward, Not Northward

I just signed up with deezer in order to try this.

Found some french rap, interesting... :-

At any rate, regarding recording and splitting I WAS able to record just fine, but the songs did not split for me either. In this type of situation, you want to click the "split now" button on the top looks like scissors. This will end the current track and start a new one. Its kinda a pain, BUT....youre getting the music still. :-

I hope this helps.


3/18/2022 1:39 am  #26

Re: Upward, Not Northward

Thanks Very interesting.

I expected to hear about "the pump dont work cause the vandals took the handle" lyric coming from Dylans visit to Bard College when Becker and Fagen were there.


3/18/2022 11:44 pm  #27

Re: Upward, Not Northward

Lennon-McCartney "Come together" with German psychedlic rock group Kin Ping Meh. A slow heavy rock version. Vocals by Geff Harrison. Was there any better live version concerning the vocals?


3/28/2022 12:26 pm  #28

Re: Upward, Not Northward

I work in grocery. I have not gotten sick. My fellow employees have not gotten sick. If the virus were even remotely as contagious as its being presented as, why haven’t entire store staffs who come into contact with hundreds of people per day, thousands per week, all falling ill in mass nationwide?


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