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4/19/2022 5:17 pm  #61

Re: Milfs up at the Cadillac right now.

I have to agree with Shelly. My business with Watkins has not suffered any at all either. I am very busy with my business.  I have people asking about the business all the time. In fact just this past week alone I sent out 4 business packets to people interested in joining. So it cant be that bad out there.


4/20/2022 5:33 pm  #62

Re: Milfs up at the Cadillac right now.

chryse is right.  I wouldnt even begin to know how to make a new skin.  Well all just have to be patient until Dani has the time to write the code for one.  For now Im just glad the board is back up.


4/21/2022 2:10 pm  #63

Re: Milfs up at the Cadillac right now.

Keep on forgetting Disney as a thing. Didnt have too much new stuff after burning through all the Star Wars stuff and a few marvel films.

Sound like my sort of thing, will check it out.


4/21/2022 5:53 pm  #64

Re: Milfs up at the Cadillac right now.

No I dont want to read political shit when I want CFB. Do you guys like kneeling players now or do you still think its neither the time nor place?


4/25/2022 1:30 pm  #65

Re: Milfs up at the Cadillac right now.

Hi, Brent

Congratulations for the new site. Ive already been there and from what Ive seen it looks interesting. Im already a member of the Sire, I0ve just subscribe now, so we will met not only here in the Farscapewotld forum also there.


4/26/2022 1:40 pm  #66

Re: Milfs up at the Cadillac right now.

I use gayromeo, used grindr now logged out, forgot password and use hornet, not much difference. Problem is people who dont show facepic or poor pictures, same on all apps/websites.


4/30/2022 8:44 pm  #67

Re: Milfs up at the Cadillac right now.

No, I can't take it again. So I go fast.
A minute later she returned, clutching a weightless fabric in her hand, and so that I could see how she was dressing, she stood in front of the window. She slowly pulled on her panties: strict, covering both the ass and the pubis, if not for one thing: they were transparent through and through, flesh-colored, therefore, they hid everything, but did not hide anything.
Tanya kissed me and left the kitchen. I was a little shocked by what was happening. Indeed, the request of the stepmother was very strange. But if she wanted a very thrilling sensation, and I really want to fuck her, then why not give her hard sex? I stood for a while and headed towards her bedroom, having previously removed all my clothes except for my underpants, I prepared to be very rude.
check this out.. After breakfast, the robber quickly hit the road. Eldas was never able to find a fresh source of water. Darg dozed on the straw. Eldas was sleeping nearby. Dasal was examining a map he himself had drawn during his many travels. Oravan drove the wagon. Gorr sharpened arrowheads. Naza was crying and holding on to her holes, which hurt like hell. Ylva lay between her legs and, embarrassed, blew on her cellmate's vagina to make her feel a little better. Rarra stood near the exit from her cage and looked at the loving look of the big man Gorr. The forest was quiet. An hour later, it became less and less frequent, until the trees had not ended at all. The wagon drove across a large field. A small village was visible in the distance. Judging by the stench, the Pig Faces lived here. The wagon pulled up to the first houses and stopped.
We froze, I look at the conductor, then at Anya. And in a friend, Anya begins to laugh loudly. I am with her for company ... After that, the conductor says, are you rehearsing the reconciliation scene from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith? We continue to laugh, even more, and the conductor is with us. I pushed Anya against the wall, went downstairs myself, asked what the visit was about. She asked, will you have tea? And immediately answered, probably not. And I really can not hide a member from her gaze. I won't turn my back. And then Ani's cape falls on top of my penis. And Anya is like that, Sash, will you have tea? Yes, I don't mind, do you? I agree. Tea was brought to us, we did not finish it and continued what we had gathered here for. I had to get up at the front of the final, but I reached the end, with Anya, and have been married for 5 years. And I am writing a story next to Anya, who periodically gives me a blowjob under the table.
"Oh! She wants to caress you with her mouth!" Rita immediately reacted and pushed me point-blank to her sister. Anna closed her mouth. Rita sat down next to her.
He took a red silk ribbon and tied my hands very tightly with it and tied a beautiful bow. Albert [that was the name of the friend] spread my legs while wide and began to dip the head of the penis into my anus. I smiled as I thought my boyfriend had a small penis. But soon I changed my mind. That part of the penis that Albert entered into me was only a small part of it. Then, suddenly increasing his speed, he sharply led me in the balls. I yelled so that I almost hoarse. He moved through me at breakneck speed. My chest was shaking so exciting that Zakhar [my boyfriend] decided to join. He lay down under me already half naked and sucked my nipples. Lick breasts and areolas. I was so pleased that I forgot about everything. But when he finished on my back. I said:
“Yes, it happened, but it’s none of your business, I’ll talk to her soon,” he replied.


5/01/2022 7:46 am  #68

Re: Milfs up at the Cadillac right now.

Then I wanted her lying down, I dragged her into the room, she didn’t understand what exactly I wanted, but I directed her using it as some kind of object for sex, her eyes shone, I read pleasure and humility in them. He put her face down on the bed and without spreading her legs, adding lubricant, entered again.
Morning. As usual, reluctantly opening my sleepy eyelids, I turned on my side to see what time it was on the cell phone lying by the bed. But as it usually happens in the morning, failures began ... The phone categorically refused to show me what I wanted. "I should have put it on charge yesterday," I thought, and turned back on my back.
The wild tension gradually subsided, we poured another glass, began to communicate more freely. Sasha quickly hit in the head, with Verka everything was clear, but I poured myself another glass with a boner in wedding trousers.
read article.. When I was leaving, I heard something like “I would have slapped her” ... Yeah, now. I suppose I would show one boob, so they would immediately finish on the spot.
My hands, which gently stroked her back, moved to her ass and Anya pressed her whole body against me.
“Come quickly, my dear, I can’t stand it anymore ...
Over the long years of knowing my own body, my knowledge and experiments became deeper and deeper. I often imagined myself in a passive role with a trans girl, although I also always wanted to enter one myself. All these thoughts always remained only in my head, sometimes I looked through the profiles of trances on sites with prostitutes, trying long and hard to distinguish fake pages from real ones, without fully understanding why I was doing it. I read the comments of other users left there, sometimes I just recognized the actresses I knew, whose pictures were exhibited in such profiles for supposedly real girls, but all this never brought me closer to a real meeting with such a person.


8/05/2022 7:36 am  #69

Re: Milfs up at the Cadillac right now.

Celebrating even more forgotten hits of The 1980s with this collection from the Now Thats What I Call Music team. Including hits from Five Star, Soft Cell, Bad Manners, Taffy, Suzanne Vega, Then Jerico, Haywoode, Wax and many more. Another stunning collection of hits from the Now team.


8/05/2022 8:01 pm  #70

Re: Milfs up at the Cadillac right now.

I was going to post a similar question.

All the recession talk had me concerned that people would not have money to spend so would not book parties.

But because people would need some extra cash - it is probably good for recruiting

Has anyone here been adversely affected? or is it all good news


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