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5/01/2022 8:05 pm  #61

Re: Harvest Moon Listening Room

Don't worry, you'll sleep in the living room on the sofa Ksyusha said while unpacking her suitcase in the bedroom.
Do you want something? Oksana asked in slight bewilderment.
Should I take off my blouse?
check this out.. Kolya, I'm sorry to bother you, can I come in?
Put your finger inside, - the woman in sweet prostration groaned in my ear.
You girls are just amazing! Artyom admired, and the girls giggled merrily.
The meeting ended with tea. Then everyone, being in high spirits, dispersed.
Oh honey, is that you? You returned so early, I'm a little busy here, I have guests, they are waiting in the bedroom, go to the store for now, buy something for dinner, otherwise I had no time to cook. And I'll finish my business.


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